MacBook Privacy Screen

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Privacy Screen Protector For MacBook Magnetic RemovablePrivacy Screen Protector For MacBook Magnetic Removable


John S.

LOVE it!

The magnets make SO easy to install, and remove. I can use any brightness on my computer and it’s impossible for those around me to see what is on my screen! Although, do be mindful that if someone is directly behind you they will be able to see your screen. Does create a little bit of a glare but I think that’s to be expected. but I think it’s doing a fine job protecting against scratches and wear and tear.

I would buy again!

Mary U.

Best Screen protector ever!

This product is amazing!!! I can switch the anti-glare or to the ultimate privacy mode by flipping the screen around. 2-in-1. Best product for if you want privacy or anti-glare! Amazing price and quality for an amazing product! Highly highly recommend!

Joshua A.

Magnetic MacBook privacy screen is very easy to install,screen protector does a good job of protecting the screen from scratches or other damage, but it doesn't block or degrade your display's brightness or picture quality, so you can still get what you paid for with your Macbook's awesome new display